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If a horizontal and a vertical axis are used, they are usually referred to as the x-axis and y-axis respectively. These relative currency strengths are then used to identify the Top 5 currency pairs that are showing the highest potential for trade. Retrieved 9 February 2016. Here are some of them: One more example: Bernal chart Common plots edit Main article: Plot (graphics) Chart software edit While charts can be drawn by hand, computer software is often used to automatically produce a chart based on entered data. It identifies the relative strength of the major currencies based on monthly, weekly, daily, 4-hour, 1-hour, and 15 minute timeframes. For example, data that presents percentages in different groups (such as "satisfied, not satisfied, unsure are often displayed in a pie chart, but may be more easily understood when presented in a horizontal bar chart. 5 A line chart is a two-dimensional scatterplot of ordered observations where the observations are connected following their order. Text is generally used only to annotate the data.

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Contents Features of a chart edit A chart can take a large variety of forms, however there are common features that provide the chart with its ability to extract meaning from data. Osborne McGraw-Hill isbn.413 Howard Wainer (1997) 'Visual revelations: graphical tales of fate and deception from Napoleon Bonaparte to Ross Perot, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. The Forex Factory calendar changes frequently to reflect the latest information. . Used the right way, it will save you a lot of time and should work as a great addition to your current trade assessment processes. For other uses, see, chart (disambiguation), Graph (disambiguation), and, diagram. A polar area diagram, sometimes called a Coxcomb chart, is an enhanced form of pie chart developed by Florence Nightingale. Each axis will typically also have a label displayed outside or beside it, briefly describing the dimension represented. Field-specific charts edit Some types of charts have specific uses in a certain field This gallery shows: Stock market prices are often depicted with an open-high-low-close chart with a traditional bar chart of volume at the bottom. Typically the data in a chart is represented graphically, since humans are generally able to infer meaning from pictures quicker than from text.