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Inside forward n (sport) intérieur m lean forward vi person se pencher en avant He leaned forward to give her a kiss. Move forward vi (gen) person avancer player of board game avancer Move forward three squares. . Look forward to vt fus attendre avec impatience I'm greatly looking forward to the party I'm looking forward to the holidays. . The university system requires more forward planning. I'm not looking forward. . Step forward vi faire un pas en avant, avancer wing-forward n (rugby) troisième ligne aile. Vt sep thing avancer Can you move the table forward a bit? Rating is available when the video has been rented.

The technical levels clearly point to the upside for the pair. The interactive transcript could not be loaded.   Il a fait suivre toutes les lettres de Janette.

Fast forward n avance f rapide Before recording onto a new tape, wind it on fast forward, then rewind. Cette perspective ne me réjouit guère. Lunge forward vi faire un mouvement brusque en avant The crowd lunged forward, trapping the people at the front against the fence. On landing, we put our watches forward by two hours. Avancez forex waluty en ligne de trois cases. He has put forward new peace proposals. If USD/JPY loses the line, it enjoys another considerable cushion at 110.92 where we note the convergence of the SMA 200-4h, the previous weekly low, the PP 1w-S3, and the Fibonacci.6 one-month.